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At Enhanced Space Projects (ESP) we believe that our company culture is our competitive advantage.  By getting the culture right everything else takes care of itself.

Our mission is to create a work environment that allows our people to thrive and flourish.  We believe this helps drive our business forward and allows us to find new and innovative ways of working.  This culture is fostered right through from our senior management to our installation crews.

Our team is passionate, dynamic and professional with a diverse set of skills and experience.  We embrace this diversity and encourage different ways of thinking.

Forward Thinking

The world and the working environment are changing at a rapid pace.  That’s why we keep our finger on the pulse of what’s new and we are always thinking 10 steps ahead. We have a positive attitude and speak with a bold voice so that you know whatever solutions we implement today can be adapted for growth and change tomorrow.


We believe simplicity is our competitive advantage so we take the complexity out of every interaction.  We are straight shooters who deliver clear communication, always give you a single point of contact and don’t create unnecessary rules. We aim to make it simple to do business with us every time.


We care deeply about the work we do, the people we partner with and the environments we create.  We collaborate to create solutions and outcomes that matter to our clients and the world at large. That means being inclusive and open with our knowledge and sharing it to achieve outstanding results.


Our experience spans many years and many industries and we believe that’s part of what makes us different. We are true experts. We are confident and have the foresight and sensory ability to see ahead, around and through all the potential problems and little details.

Going the extra mile

We are a thoughtful bunch. If we know something will create a better result but may take us a little longer or cost us a little more we do it anyway. Why? Because we are considerate and committed to our mission of creating workplaces where people flourish and thrive.

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Cromer NSW 2099

Servicing Sydney's Northern Beaches and surrounds.

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